Barn Monkey comes from the village of Praze an Beeble, near Camborne in Cornwall.

Barn Monkey rustic recycled furniture Cornwall
Moorfield Barns, Praze an Beeble.

The renovation of a series of old agricultural buildings known as Moorfield Barns produced a large quantity of old timber beams, rafters and floorboards. Much of it has been recycled for various purposes, including  items of furniture, and thus the Barn Monkey concept was born.

However, rather than following the established trend for “pallet wood furniture”, which is often flimsy and of rather poor quality, research suggested a market for quality, hand-crafted furniture. Innovative, contemporary design, equally at home in either a traditional or minimalist setting, combined with robust principles of construction (mortice and tenon joints and dowel pegs, rather than nails and screws!) and hand-selected timber were the key elements.

So, well designed and constructed ‘rustic’, recycled furniture was the Barn Monkey ethos. Each item truly unique, the grain of the timber dictating the cut and the application. Although we do work to set BM designs to define the ranges, each item within a range is bespoke, truly unique in that the texture and grain will differ in each piece.

Barn Monkey furniture is solid, chunky and crafted using traditional joinery methods. All items are designed to last, and properly cared for they should last a lifetime.

Finish is important, and perhaps the single most important aspects of recycled timber are the grain/pattern and the patina. Again, this is where the hand-selection of timber is vital, as each length of timber will be chosen for a specific project.

But perhaps the most important ingredient of the whole Barn Monkey experience is inspiration (pictured) which BM has in buckets! Used in the design, build and finish stages, inspiration is what sets us apart from others.